Galvannealed Steel (GA)

Galvannealed Steel (GA)

Galvannealed steel(GA) offers significant improvements in weldability and paintability by undergoing a simple pre-treatment process. After the coating process, a special heat treatment forms an alloy layer between the galvanized layer and the metal base.


  • Superior weldability : High melting point of FeZn alloy on the surface.
  • Greater peeling resistance
  • Improvements in powdering
  • Superior paint adhesiveness and corrosion resistance

Post Treatment

A variety of post treatments are available depending on the use of products.

  • Oiling : Automobiles
  • Chromate : Home electrical appliances, painting
  • Organic Coating : Surface coating, improving corrosion resistance, painting, and lubrication


  • Electrical appliances : interior and exterior plates of washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, vending machines.
  • Automotive components : parts that require welding such as motor housing and brackets
  • Assembled metal and other : fireproof doors, steel furniture
  • Color painted material
  • Exterior plates of automobiles

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