Electrical steel

Electrical steel

Electrical steels are distinguished by their excellent electro-magnetic properties. There are two categories: grain-oriented electrical steel and non-oriented electrical steel.

PG-Core(Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel)

The grain's easy magnetization direction is aligned to the rolling direction. Therefore, this product features excellent magnetic properties in the rolling direction. It is widely used for large-sized power transformers or large or small size transformers

PN-Core(Non-Oriented Electrical Steel)

The non-oriented electrical steel features even magnetic properties in the rolling direction and in other directions. They are widely used for iron core materials of rotating machines ranging from large-size power generators to small-size precision electric motors. They are also desirable for iron core of small-size power transformers.

Standard Size

Type Standard Thickness Width(mm)(in.) Innermeter Standard of Coil/mm(in.)
Productivility Standard
PG-Core 27PG110, 7PG120, 27PG130 0.27(0.0106) 850~1200
(33.46~47.24 )
508 (20)
30PG110, 30PG120, 30PG130, 30PG140 030(0.0118)
35PG145, 35PG155 0.35(0.0138)
PN-Core (Coil) 35PN210, 35PN230, 35PN250, 35PN270, 35PN300 0.35(0.0138 950~1200
50PN250, 50PN270, 50PN290, 50PN310, 50PN350 0.50(0.0197)
35PN360, 35PN440 0.35(0.0138) 950~1250
50PN400, 50PN470, 50PN600, 50PN700, 50PN800, 50PN1000, 50PN1300 0.50(0.0197)
65PN400, 65PN470, 65PN600,65PN700, 65PN800, 65PN1000, 65PN1300 0.65(0.0256)

Electric Usage

Type Grain-Oriented Non-Oriented
PN-Core PNM-Core PNA-Core PNS-Core PNF-Core
PHD-Core PH-Core PG-Core PN210-400 PN440-700 PN800-1300 PNM500-540 PNA300-450 PNS250 PNF1500
Rotating Machine Large rotating electric machine              
Middle size rotating electric machine            
General purpose A.C motor            
Compressor motor          
Static Machine Hybrid/Driving motor for Electric Vehicles                  
Large transformer              
Middle & small size transformer            
Distribution transformer              
Micro-power transformer      
Voltage transformer            
Transformer for welding machine                
Magnetic switch core