Cold Rolled Enamelling Steel

Cold Rolled Enamelling Steel

This type of steel is produced from spreading organic enamel on the surface of steel and annealing them under high temperature. Enameling steel is a kind of mixed material which has heat-resisting, corrosion resistance and surface gloss


  • Industrial : Chemical reactor, Heat exchanger, Food container, Hot water tank, Storage tank etc.
  • Home appliace : Gas oven, Washing machine, Microwave, Gas heater, Boiler, Dish washer, Kitchen utensils.
  • Construction : Outdoor unit, Roof, wall tile, Tunnel panel, Steel plate, Desk, Guide signboard etc.


Standard Drawing Enamel Enamel Trearment
CFSP-C Seam-Drawinag Good One Tme or Two Times anealay
POSCENA-C Commeraial Quality Very Good

Chemical Components

화학적 성분
Standard C(%) Mn(%) p(%) S(%) Remark
CFSP-C ~0.008 ~0.5 ~0.04 ~0.06 ~~Add Ti


~0.5 ~0.004 ~0.004 Non-add Ti

Mechanical Properties

화학적 성분
표준 YP(N/㎟) TS(N/㎟) EL(%) R-bar
0.4~0.6T 0.6~1.0T 1.0~1.6T 1.6~2.0T
CFSP-C ~240 ~270 38~ 40~ 41~ 42~ 1.2~
POSCENA-C 34~ 36~ 37~ 38~ 1.4~

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